Alligator Adventure Program

Alligator Adventure Program (NEW!)


Reptile Camp is now offering our Alligator Adventure Program to families of 6! This is a truly WILD program designed for families to experience all things crocodilian, up close and personal in a safe and controlled manner with a trained professional. You will have the ability to meet and interact with a minimum of 3 species of crocodilians. We will also make sure you get some amazing photos with each of them! The memory of this experience will last a lifetime! This is your chance to get your photo with “Mojo” our 9 ft, 260 lbs American Alligator! You will have the option of getting your feet wet by coming into the water with her! You will also meet 10-15 of our other animal ambassadors! Bring a camera to ensure you get some amazing keepsakes!

$250 for our 90 minute program.

Additional people after 6 to a maximum of 8 people are $50 extra per person.

This limited and exclusive program can be booked any time and takes place at Reptile Camp in Bonfield at 2101 South Shore Rd.

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