Costa Rica Field Trip


Reptile Camp will be running another Costa Rica Field Trip in January of 2018! For now please have a look at the previous trips information below:

Reptile Camp is pleased to announce that we will be running another biodiversity course this fall and winter with our field trip once again to Costa Rica! This will be our 5th field trip to Costa Rica!

JANUARY 6TH – 13TH 2016

If you want to howl with Howler Monkeys, swim with Crocodiles, go searching for Fer-de-Lances or get chased by a Jaguar, this may be your chance!! I can’t promise we will all come back alive, I can only guarantee that you will feel more alive in Costa Rica than you ever have before! This trip will change you forever… register now! For a 2015 Trip summery and photos click here! FACEBOOK
Ages and Pre-Requisites:

  • LITS and former LITS.
  • Staff and Former Staff.
  • if you are not LIT age, or have not taken the LIT course, you can come with us with your parent(s).
  • If you are a minimum of 16 years old you can join without prerequisites.


FEE #1

$1080.46 per person for 1 week (Double Occupancy). Stay tuned for 2 week prices.

Here’s the website to the resort


$150 Non refundable deposit is due by Sept 15th. Rate could increase after that.

For Booking please see:

Renali Travel

Ceaser Tam




$850 USA FUNDS DUE TO REPTILE CAMP for all excursions, guides, meals away from resorts ect.

$300 non refundable due Sept 30th

$550 Due December 27th (Put it on your Christmas List)


January 6th – 13th, 2016
2016 Costa Rica Trip Schedule:

Day 1: Whale observation and Rainmakers Park The boat tour is 3 to 4 hours, including fruit softs drinks and snorkeling gear; On the way to Jaco, we can go to the Rainmaker forest with 2 hours hike and swimming on the smaller falls, we can also do a night hike on the palm tree plantations.

  • 5:30am we left from the hotel Morgan’s
  • 7:30am  breakfast included
  • 8:30am tour whale watching
  • 12:30pm finish whales watching
  • 1:30 pm Lunch time including on “Gato Negro” restaurant at Manuel Antonio
  • 3 pm Rainmaker Park for hike and swimming on the smaller falls, searching for snakes
  • 5pm depart to the palm tree plantations to search for tree frogs
  • 8 pm night walking around the Jaco area, looking for snakes or turtles, two hour hike
  • 10 pm finish day one

Day 2: Rafting Balsa River Class 2, 3 and smaller class 4 two hour on raft.

  • 6: 30 am we leave from the hotel Morgan’s
  • 9: 30 am arrival rafting area
  • 12:00 pm  finish the rafting
  • 12: 00 pm to 1pm lunch time
  • 1:00 pm departure to Caño Negro
  • 2: 30 pm arrives iguana bridge
  • 5 pm arrive Caño Negro hotel
  • 5:30 Night tour Caño Negro park

Day 3: Grecia World Of Snakes- volunteer service day

  • 5: 30 am  Day tour in the National Park “Caño Negro” where there will be a Bird Observation, monkeys and the biggest population of Caimán on Costa Rica, two hours tour.
  • 7:30 am Breakfast
  • 8: 30 am Departure to The World of Snake at Grecia city. Will be 4 hours of driving and we will get lunch on the way.
  • 1 pm Arrive at Snake place for volunteering service. Only 3 hours
  • 4 pm We leaves to Morgan’s hotel
  • 6:30 pm arrival at Morgan’s hotel in Jaco where we will get good rest for the night and get ready for the next days adventure.

Day 4: Crocodile Adventure Tour

  • 8:30 Depart to Tarcoles River for crocodile adventure, two hour tour
  • 1pm lunch time
  • 2: 30pm  Playing friendly soccer games with a local team in the front Tarcoles area, T-shirts will be provided for those playing soccer by the Reptile Camp group
  • 4pm ready for night crocodile and sunset tour

Day 5: Sloth Sanctuary

  • Sloth Sanctuary Pu: 5:00 am ( 10 hours round trip )
  • Volunteering is NOT allowed, this would be just for visiting and some interaction
  • Lunch and breakfast is included

Day 6: Turtle Watching:

  • Turtle watching Pu: 12:00 (9 hours round trip )
  • Local  Guide
  • Dinner

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