Ontario Camps Association

Reptile Camp is accredited by the Ontario Camps Association. The O.C.A. has a high set of standards required to achieve accreditation. They completed 4 inspections during our 3 year accreditation process.The O.C.A. looks at our policies, procedures and protocols, our safety record, our financial stability, our facilities, our programs, schedules, itineraries, staff training, first aid and CPR certificates, police clearance forms, insurance and more!

This was a massive undertaking all for the sake of having parents piece of mind when they register their children into our programs. If a camp program is accredited by the O.C.A. you can be assured that its as professional, reliable and safe as possible.

I would like to thank all of my current camp staff, and any former staff that have helped us along the way. This has been an awesome journey! Thank you! Thanks again to all the families, and campers for the continued support! Looking forward to seeing you guys throughout the off season at a special event, PA Day Camp or even at a birthday party! Looking forward to another WILD summer in 2017!


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