Reptile Adventure Camp

Camp Rules

  1. Camp Attire: Camp T-shirts are required for all presentation days at camp. Sandals are not recommended during field trips due to the amount of walking. Shorts are recommended, as is a hat, sunscreen, and a light rain jacket. Our camp spends a considerable amount of time outdoors each day regardless of the weather. Please refrain from wearing any clothing with inappropriate slogans or logos while at camp. Please see the “what to bring to camp” document for a complete list.
  2. Personal Items: All personal items must have the child’s name on it. i.e. backpack, clothing, swimsuits, etc. Toys and games should not be brought to camp. No electronic equipment (video games, cell phones, laptops etc.) is permitted at camp. A camera is recommended. Reptile Camp is not responsible for any lost items.
  3. Lost and Found: At the end of each week, items left behind will be on display for campers and parents to look through. Anything left unclaimed will be sent to goodwill.
  4. REFUNDS: No refunds will be given for missed camp sessions. Camp sessions are not transferable.


The following are reasons for which a child will be dismissed from camps:

  1. Fighting, aggressive behavior and/or intimidation.
  2. Repeated Profanity
  3. Failure to follow camp rules
  4. Stealing
  5. Failure to follow camp safety rules
  6. Drugs (alcohol, tobacco, or any other contraband)
  7. Bringing weapons to camp, i.e. guns and knives
  8. Lack of respect for any living things during the camp
  9. Any other inappropriate conduct


Counselor Disciplinary Action Steps:

  1. Talk and communicate with the child. Find out what is wrong and see if it can be corrected.
  2. Remove any disruptive child from the activity until the child is willing to behave in an acceptable manner that will not compromise the safety and experience for other campers.
  3. A meeting with the counselor, child and coordinator.
  4. Coordinator will call the parent/guardian if the child continues their disruptive behavior.
  5. Dismissal without refund.


Parents are strongly advised to communicate throughout the week with the camp counselors on behavior, activities and the over all summer camp experience.  Please remember that the staff of Reptile Camp has a goal of making every child’s experience a wild one.