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Generic Reptile Show

This is our “birthday party” show. Educational, interactive and fun! This show is usually 1 hour long and we feature around 12 animals including arachnids, amphibians, turtles, tortoises, snakes, lizards and crocodilians. We provide some basic information throughout the show on each animal and ensure that every child has a wild experience. Information level with be catered to the age of the participants. We have done this show for 2 year olds, and 90 year olds!

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Endangered Species Awareness

This show uses endangered species and speaks about conservation initiatives and environmental factors leading to the global decline of species. We offer suggestions for change in your home, school and workplace that could make a large difference, even worldwide! We discuss invasive species, loss of habitat, pollution, population and over harvesting amongst other factors and contributors to the decline of wildlife species and habitat. This show was developed for Earth Day Celebrations, however can be booked and enjoyed by any educational facility at any time of the year.

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Defense Mechanisms

Our animals have special adaptations to allow them to survive in the wild! How to spiders and geckos climb and stick onto glass? Why do turtles and tortoises have hard shells? Why do some snakes musk? Why do toads urinate on you? How do some lizards change color? These animals are experts at survival and are the super heroes of the natural world! Learn about how these animals use their attributes to not only survive, but to thrive! This program was developed for anti-bullying programs, martial arts camps and summer camps! Any educational facility can take advantage of this amazing program.

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Reptile Growth and Survival

This show covers Grade 2 curriculum requirements and focuses on development, growth and survival of these animals in the wild. We look at how animals are similar to each other, and how very different they could be as well. We look at how reptiles are born, and develop to be an adult. We learn about animal life cycles and how they change over the course of their lives. Are snakes born live or from eggs? What is metamorphism? What is the survival rate of a baby snapping turtle? Why do some reptiles only have a few babies and others have many? Why do some reptile mother protect and raise their young, while other species are on their own from birth? Why do snakes shed their skin? We take a look at how large these creatures are when they are born, and how large they could be as an adult!

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Reptile Ecology

The Ecology unit will look at a wide range of information including habitats, ecosystems, biomes, food chains, predator vs. prey, reproduction, symbiotic relationships, conservation, endangered species and pollution and toxins, and their effect on wildlife. We have created a power point slide show to help in the classroom with this topic. This show is designed to be the 76-minute high school class, but can be shorter if needs being.

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Skulls and Bones

This program has no live animals. This program concentrates on all kinds of animals, from birds, reptiles, and even mammals. We will bring some skull Identification books, and tools, the skulls, and an experienced staff member so we can learn about these creatures. You can tell a lot about an animal from the skulls and bones. Skulls included in this program are Wolverine, Wolf, Fox, Skunk, Snapping Turtle, Wild Boar, Badger, Coyote, Lynx, Bobcat, and more. Contact us for a complete list. 14-20 skulls are included. Each skull has a two-page animal information sheet, with skull identification features. This program can be 30-60 min in length.

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Party Invitations

Visit our Zazzle page to order awesome custom invitations for your reptile party, or go to our downloads page to get a printable version!

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First Touches Program

Developed for day care classes, junior and senior kindergarten classes. We understand and believe in the fact that respect and love of nature, and wildlife starts at a very early age. These shows are less informative and more interactive. We try to accommodate 45 minute shows for this age group with a large emphasis on listening, lining up, sharing, waiting for your turn, and touching animals respectfully. We believe children who interact with animals at a young age in a safe environment will grow up without irrational fears, phobias and other barriers to wildlife. These children will grow up with a greater understanding and a more positive outlook on animals of all kinds.

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Needs and Characteristics of Living Things

This show covers grade 1 curriculum requirements and focuses on what animal need in order to survive. Living things grow, use resources, create waste and reproduce. All livings things require food, space, shelter, water and air. We discuss what our animals eat, who eats who and how they are able to survive in their ecosystems. We discuss how all living things are connected, and depend on each other for survival. How are reptiles different from other animals? How are they similar? How do they survive?

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Reptile Reproduction Show

This program concentrates on reptiles and their reproductive systems and styles of reproduction. Internal and external fertilization, eggs vs live birth, it’s all covered here. This is an informative and fun session that includes approximately 10 animals, all with different reproduction behaviors and cycles. We have also produced a power point presentation specific to reptile reproduction that will be included in the presentation. We can provide handouts with information regarding species for this show. This show is geared towards a full high school class of 65-76 min, however can be adjusted.

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Evolution and Adaption

The show will cover what adaptations and evolution is. It will look at specific ways an animal can evolve or adapt. Why do animals have to adapt? Specific species studies involving some of our animals and how they evolved and adapted to their environment. What major adaptations do reptiles have that have allowed them to evolve into the animals you see today!

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Customized Programs

We can customize our talks and programs based on your needs. We have conducted talks on animals from only a certain region before (Costa Rica Biodiversity), or shows on just a certain group of reptiles, such as only snakes, or only crocodilians. We can do larger groups or smaller. We can create longer shows, or shorter. If you have a program in mind and would like our assistance just let us know and we would be happy to put one together to suit your needs, interests and curriculum.

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Contact us if you have any questions regarding any of our programming! Reptile Adventure Camp is looking forward to making your event a wild one!