About Our Staff

Reptile Camp staff is carefully selected to provide your children with the best care and experience possible. All of our camp staff have experience working in a camp setting with children of all ages and have had hands on animal training.

All camp staff has successfully completed their First Aid and C.P.R. training, have a police clearance form and have attended the staff-training seminar prior to the start of the camp season. All camp staff was also required to complete a pre-requisite portfolio prior to completion of the hiring process this year. This portfolio included 10 crafts, 10 games, 10 activities, 5 research papers on specific zoo animals and 5 papers on reptile animals. This process ensures that our staff is ready to accomplish anything this summer throws at them!

Our summer camp runs at a ratio of 5:1 at the maximum. We feel that to provide the best overall camp experience for each and every child we need to have an excellent camper to staff ratio! The ratio also does not include our L.I.T.’s, which are also very helpful every summer with this program!

You can feel confident, and secure that Reptile Adventure Camp Staff is one of the best camp staff assembled, year after year!